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Tomorrow is Sunday


“Giving thanks always …..” Ephesians 5:20

This little girl giving thanks for her food in a shanty area of Lima, Peru.

She could have  soup at the after school club  just three days in a week.

The other four???

May I always remember to be Thankful.


Bella Bag


Meet Casablanca!

This is one of my own design Bella Bags that I call Casablanca.

Why Casablanca?

Well, the bag is ideal for travelling with, the fabrics are “travel inspired” and Casablanca sounds sooooooooooo exotic!

Just the kind of bag to have on a wet and cold English day.

Something to dream about.

Places to see,

food to taste,

sunshine and warm breezes,

people to meet.

So here you are ……  meet Casablanca to Go!

(Click on photo to see fabrics.)

product photography by JTree Photo



The beautiful vintage blue hanger and blue lavender filled vintage heart are SOLD – if you wanted them you are too late!

I bought them as a Birthday present from Helen at Henhouse.

If you want SERIOUS INSPIRATION – then just click here >

This is the second gift I have bought from Helen and I highly recommend her original and beautiful crafts.

Not only are they beautifully made but come beautifully gift wrapped – just ready to give away – if you can!

The above link will take you to the Henhouse blog – first enjoy a time just wandering around and being inspired.

Then click on her link to the Henhouse shop …… such lovely things :0)

Hope you visit – you won’t be disappointed!

20 Minuter


I am an ardent follower of  Cathleen at

(look for Storybook House) and Lucy at

If you haven’t yet discovered Lucy you MUST pop over to her attic!

Years ago there was a telly programme called “I Love Lucy.”  When you have been in the attic you will see why I, and many others, say : “We Love Lucy!”

Well, being there I realised again what fun little children can have with a little imagination and crocheted or patchworked blankets.  So that is my new intent for the grandchildren – they will have heaps of gorgeous blankets to make into tents, story houses, royal cloaks, camping in the garden or flying away on a magic carpet!

So with that intent in mind I have been a Happy 20 Minuter!

Following Lucy’s Hexagon tutorial I am making a start on my “Jewelled Crochet Blanket!”

Unfortunately it isn’t the gorgeous yarns that Lucy usually uses – just the ordinary stuff from the market – but I don’t think They will mind …. do you?

Soldier Quilts To Go!


I am so happy to now have two quilts Ready to Go!

Whilst waiting to photo the first one, the second came along and was finished in time to post them both together  :0)

When I was growing up a favourite  record my Dad often played was “The Deck of Cards”  by T. Texas Tyler.

I have never forgotten this “story” and Googled to find the words – I am printing them to send along with every quilt I make.

It starts like this:

“The Cards” is set during World War II, where a group of Army soldiers, on a long hike during a campaign in southern Italy, had arrived and camped near a town named Cassino. While Scripture is being read, one boy who has only a deck of playing cards, pulls them out and spreads them in front of him. He is immediately spotted by a sergeant, who orders the soldier to put them away (thinking he’s playing cards in church). The soldier is then arrested and taken before the Provost Marshall to be punished.

The Provost Marshal demands an explanation, to which the soldier explains the significance of each card:

Ace: The one true God
Deuce: The Old Testament and New Testament in the Bible
Trey/Three: The Holy Trinity;  the Father,  the Son,  and the Holy Spirit/Ghost ………..”

The spoken word listened to over and over again is very memorable.

Another song my Dad loved was “There’s Always Room At Our House” by Guy Mitchell – singing of sharing hospitality.

My two sailor uncles used to sing “Clink Clink another Drink”  by Spick Jones and The City Slickers – but I think I’ll just include The Deck of Cards with my Quilts!

I was surprised that you can actually buy all of these “Oldies” on iTunes!