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20 minuters crafts


Please drop in and encourage us!
A group of bloggers who promise to craft for a least 20 minutes every day, for a whole year.

Now that doesn’t sound like hard work but FUN! So I joined up ……. along with lots of other crafting bloggers. I have taken the pledge …… 20 minutes of crochet, sewing or patching …… how hard can that be!

All is revealed at:

Soldier Quilt news


Threads and Patches

Here is a link from Sally at Threads and Patches and a course she is running soon –

Making a Soldier’s quilt Course

Quilts for Soldiers Sat and Sun 13th and 14th Feb 2010 10am - 4pm

Sally says:-

“Join us to make quilts for soldiers returning from the conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq.

We shall make quilts using donated fabrics. Brenda who organises this then takes the

quilts to the military hospital to be given to wounded soldiers.

We will get you started on a quilt you can make fairly quickly, and plan a date for their

return for distribution at the hospital.”

If you would like more details about the Threads and Patches shop and workshops go to:

My own quilt top is finished – now need some wadding and a backing so I can start to quilt.

Making friends


Over the weekend I thought of baby J coming to play and realizing that there was not a lot to play with! So after an inspiration from an American blogger I went to the scrap bag and ……. out came Wilfred! He has lovely eyes, flapping ribbon wings and he crinkles when squeezed …… but he looked lonely on the bookshelf.

So, out came the scrap bag again and ………. out flew Mabel!

They looked very cute sitting together on the bookshelf but, as I went up to bed, I distinctly heard Mabel hoot that I had better look in the scrap bag tomorrow!

I did and …….. out flew Baby Barney Owl!

Now they look very happy sitting on the bookshelf just waiting for J to come and play!

Soldier’s Quilt


Here is the progress so far…

I am really excited to be able to make  this Soldier’s Quilt – which as can be seen is just in the beginning stages.  I am using scraps in a string quilt and will post its progress in the next few weeks.  It is a privilege to be able to be involved and I am pleased with how it is turning out, if you are interested you can find out more on the Charity link at

String Quilts are a great way to use up heaps of small bits and are so original – for inspiration take a look at

A New Bag design idea


I am thinking of a new bag ……. something that reflects the area that I live in …….. perhaps using woollen fabrics with a design that is practical and pleasing to have and to hold!

I would like to name it Curbar after one of the gritstone edges in the Peak District National Park.

My idea is perhaps a satchel style, or pouch in grey wool, to remind me of the sheep on the hills,  with a  patchwork coloured wool strip embellishment……….. Well I will see where this thought takes me!

A Gift of Quilts 2012 Olympics


Kaffe Fassett has agreed to be the Patron of A Gift of Quilts

“A Gift of Quilts” is pleased to welcome Kaffe Fassett as the patron of the project, his enthusiasm for all textile arts will add dimension to the project.

Kaffe is a designer, knitter and artist extraordinaire and is famous for his colourful knitting, needlepoint, patchwork, painting and mosaics.  He is known for his use of colour, and in addition to his lively and colourful fabric lines he has published many books on patchwork, knitting and interior design which have inspired and introduced many people across the world to the world of textiles.

Born in San Francisco, Kaffe Fassett made England his home in 1964. He explains that ‘It was England that turned me from an exclusive easel painter to a fibre artist’.

He became interested in yarn after a visit to a Scottish Wool Mill and was inspired by the colours of the wool which reflected the colours of the landscape. Well renowned for his designs in knitting and needlepoint, Kaffe also creates beautiful patchwork quilting fabric designs and patterns.

He is author of many books on knitting, needlepoint and quilting which are full of inspiration. Since 1981, he has worked closely with Rowan. Fabrics include deep coloured contemporary floral prints and a wide range of spots, stripes and blenders for a rich modern look.

Although he has agreed to become the Patron of the venture, and although his fabrics ARE so gorgeous there is no need to use his fabrics when making a Gift of Quilt.  But these ARE SO GORGEOUS!

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If you are inspired to make Quilt yourself then visit

to register your interest.




Moving to the High Peak district of Derbyshire has been such an inspiration.  New walks in the town or open country with Bella, making new friends ….. and  Blogland opening up to me with masses and masses of creative women sharing their creativity in such expressive and beautiful ways.  These blogs will be an attempt to share some of these wonders ….

The very first friend I made in my new town was Chris Waygood a felt maker and very gifted Textile Designer.  It happened like this ….. I had taken Bella on an investigating trundle on a very hot day, up a very long and steep road, coming down again I was very hot and very much  in need of something  s w e e t ! We arrived at a low white building called the Soft Centre ….. AH! a chocolate shop!  On a closer look I saw beautiful hand crafted items in the window …. someone busy working at a table ….. and on the door a notice giving dates for Felt making courses starting soon.  I had been searching on the internet for courses and here was one right on my new doorstep!  And so started my first friendship.

“As a designer, she has established an international reputation for her distinctive designs which absorb the soft, subtle shades and changing moods of the Peak District.

Originally studying constructed textiles, mainly weaving, her work has always remained diverse. She has travelled extensively, researching techniques, materials and design traditions which are reflected in her work.

She has developed a deep interest in the manipulation of colour and pattern, and in combining techniques, from knitting through to feltmaking and appliqué, to create striking textiles from timeless original garments, to soft furnishings and accessories.

She has worked as a designer in the Scottish Borders and London. Lectured in textile design at Eastbourne, Loughborough, and Goldsmiths  College, and was head of constructed textiles at Liverpool John Moores University before setting up her own workshop in 1990.”

visit for yourself at



In view of all the snow and snowy day pictures around in January …..  I thought we would have a view of Bella in a High Peak Meadow enjoying the sun and warm breezes of summer! :0)

The flowers we found were not rare species – just lovely meadow flowers, with lovely names:  Cow Parsley, Meadow Buttercup, Oxeye Daisy, Elderflower, Great Willow Herb, Forget-me-not, Ladies Mantel, Bluebell and Blackberry hedge …… just a High Peak Meadow on a beautiful day ……. and my Wild Flowers of Britain and Ireland book for identification.  Pictured here Dog Rose seen in the hedgerow on the way to the meadow.