Olympic Quilt


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“A Gift of Quilts’ is the project being organised by Jenny Rundle http://www.justhands-on.tv and her team of quilters to encourage stitchers all over the UK to make and donate up to 500 patchwork quilts.  The object is to give a quilt to each country participating in the London Olympics and Paralympics in 2012 as a unique sign of friendship and peace. At the present time the number of countries entering is unknown.

Quilters in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, organised a similar event in 1996 and presented 397 quilts to the Olympic teams during the Centennial Games of that year.

This project was conceived early in 2008 by Jenny and it has taken till now to get support for the project and begin the process of asking for quilts to be made and donated. It is also envisaged that there will be an exhibition of the quilts prior to the Games and a book and DVD. We are also in the process of applying for the Olympic “Inspire” mark. When this is granted we will officially become part of the cultural Olympiad.

As you can imagine this sort of event does not happen over night or with only one person involved.  So we ask you, the quilters of the UK to help make this come true and spread the message of unity and friendship that a quilt can bring.  Cathy Miller, Canada’s singing quilter says in her talk that we “can heal the world one stitch at a time”. If we could bring a small amount of happiness and peace to the countries participating by our stitches just think what an achievement that would be.

The “Gift of a Quilt” is open to anyone, any age, any skills, it can be an individual, a group of friends, a village project, a school project, a community project involving care homes, day centre’s, all you need to be able to do is hold a needle.

A Gift of Quilts is  non-profit making and any excess balance after expenses will be given to a registered charity.”

I have just registered Bella Bags and will add news and pictures as I progress with the quilt.  It is a very exciting project with lasting memories for whoever receives it and a privilege to participate in such a venture!

My quilt number will be 154, but I am also co-maker with Lindsay at Daisy Patch Studio on quilt number 151.  I hope to show the quilts as they come together. If you are interested to find out more information for yourself visit


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